K-9 Detection

In order to perform a successful extermination of any bed bug problem, you must first start out with a proper identification. The adult bed bugs can be easily detected in a visual search; however, due to their size, the nymph and eggs can be nearly impossible to spot. This is where our K-9 Detection team comes in! We use a specially trained dog to search any room or structure for the presence of bed bugs. Alex, our bed bug dog is highly qualified and extremely accurate.

Why use a K-9 Detection dog?

K-9s have been known for the extreme sense of smell for decades. Dogs are regularly used in law enforcement and various other government agencies around the world. Time and time again they have proven themselves a valuable tool in detecting illegal drugs, cell phones in prisons, termites, cancer cells on humans, explosives, and even bed bugs.

Pre-Heat Inspection: Know exactly where bugs are hiding in your home or business so you can perform effective and targeted heat treatments to the areas that need it.
Post-Heat Inspection: To ensure an effective treatment has been performed and that the bugs were not able to escape to another location.

We are Discreet about our service:

How would customers view your business if they knew you had Bed Bugs? TLC believes in being as discreet as possible and do not advertise to the world that you have bed bugs. TLC representative will arrive at your location in an unmarked, normal looking vehicle. Our representatives arrive in normal, but professional attire. There are no logos or markings to indicate that we are a bed bug company. We are able to come to your home or business during business hours or after business hours to best suit your needs.