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The Most Effective Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Columbus, Ohio

The science behind heat treatments is simple – Bed bugs are extremely susceptible to heat.  The treatment works by quickly heating a room or structure up to 120+ degrees for a set amount of time, usually between 8-12 hours.  Heat permeates all crack and crevices in every object in the room leaving the bed bugs nowhere to run!.  With heat the entire structure is heated to a lethal temperature and held there until all the bugs have died.  The Heating process eliminates the need for multiple treatment.  Heat treatments are safe and require substantially less precautions during and after application.  This means you can resume your productivity quickly and discreetly.

(Servicing All of Ohio/Central Ohio)

Full Service Treatments

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-Targeted Treatments with Certified Bed Bug Dog Inspections

-90 Day Warranties provided with Targeted Treatments

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Easy DYI Heaters that are Safe, Effective and Easy to use!

The Advantages of Heat

Heat is QUICK:  Let us Exterminate you Bed Bugs and be Bed Bug Free in just 6-12hrs.  Or be your own Exterminator and be Bed Bug free in just 12-24 hours, from set up to tear down, the DIY bed bug heat rentals will get rid of bed bugs for good!

Heat REMOVES MOISTURE: By heating the structure our heaters remove moisture, which can be conductive to infestations and enhances the living space for insects.

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