Be Informed on Bed Bugs

  • What Are Bed Bug Signs?
    • Cast/shed of bed bug skin, exoskeleton, or shells
    • Blood spots on sheets or pajamas
    • Fecal stains (dark black areas) on wood surfaces or mattress/box spring or bedding
    • Bed bug bites will generally be in groups of three, not a single bite

(Bites may or may not be a sign that you have bed bugs; flees and mosquitoes have similar looking bites and can easily be mistaken for bed bug bites)

  • Where Are Bed Bug Found? Where Do I Look For Bed Bugs?
    • They often hide/live within 5 feet of where they are getting their blood meals
    • Best places to look for signs of bed bugs:
      • Corner of your mattress/box spring
      • Couch crevasses
      • Headboards
      • Night stands close to the bed
      • Base boards
      • Outlets
      • Elastic band of sheets
      • Floors/walls
  • How Do Bed Bugs Reproduce?
      • They reproduce very quickly
        • A pregnant female can lay 8-12 eggs a day and 200-300 eggs in its lifetime
        • The eggs hatch in 3 to 10 days from the day they were laid
        • They reach the adult phase/breeding age in about 21-35 days
        • 1 pregnant female can cause a serious infestation in 120 days.

(Based on the statistics above, at the 120 day mark there would be approximately 29,040 eggs, 19,440 in the nymph stage, and 10,081 adult)

  • Can Bed Bugs Jump?  Do Bed Bugs Climb?
    • They can climb
      • Bed bugs usually spread via hitchhiking on your clothes and on your personal items (purses, backpacks, boxes, toys, etc)
      • Bed bugs move swiftly in horizontal and vertical positions; they don’t fly and they don’t jump
  • Do Bed Bugs Feed On Animals?
    • They prefer a human host but will occasionally be found feeding on animals or hiding in pet beds
      • They are not designed to navigate well through hair
  • How Can I Avoid Getting Bed Bugs Again?
    • Change your sheets and inspect for bed bugs on a regular basis
    • Vacuum all base boards, ceiling molding and around outlets on a regular basis
    • When traveling, inspect your hotel room and bed for signs of bed bugs
    • Travel with bags that are able to be put in the dryer
      • Ensure all clothes, travel bags and all fabric material objects are placed in the dryer for 20 minutes on high, prior to being put away
    • Have an outfit for outside the house and an outfit for inside the house
      • Change into your house clothes as soon as you enter the house
      • Place outside clothing directly into the dryer or in a plastic container without holes and with a lid until they can be washed
    • Ensure all material type objects or clothes that are purchased go into the dryer for 20 minutes on high prior to putting the item with your other personal items

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