Other Pests


Spiders are treated where they live, webs are removed and areas are treated to limit their return. 






Ants are treated by locating the colony and using special baits and liquid materials to spread throughout the colony.  Ant treatments may consist of both internal and external treatments.  Exterminating ants on the inside of your home is half the battle.  To ensure a proper extermination, we need to properly locate and eliminate all ant colonies on the outside of the home to prevent them from coming back into the home. 




Roaches are treated in a manner that will use their normal biological habits against them to bring them to complete extermination. We utilize the latest and best bait matrix coupled with a chemistry to kill on contact and ingestion, while at the same time interrupting their growth cycle, to prevent them from becoming breeding adults.  Roach treatments are not a one-time treatment.  Roach treatments will require weeks to months of consistent treatment and monitoring to ensure complete eradication.



Beetles & Other General Pests

If you have beetles in your pantry, moths in your closet, or crickets in your garage or basement we will individualize a treatment plan that will work best for your situation.  In addition, if you come across a bug and are not quite sure what it is, we will come out and positively identify the pest/insect and provide you with the appropriate treatment plan for your specific issue.